Artual brings you a new line of sacred symbol stencils!

SO excited to share this video with you! ~Whitney Freya


YOU have an “Artist Within.” Your Artist Within lives in your right hemisphere and is the part of you that thinks intuitively, fearlessly, & creatively. You might also call your Artist Within your Higher Self, your Soul or Spirit. It is infinitely creative, infinite in its perspective, and the only part of you that can CREATE miracles, joy, passion, and radical AUTHENTICITY. ART making is SO much more than creating product; it’s about creating a life that is ART! Join the MUSE-Letter & receive Whitney’s 7 Day Whole Brain Makeover.

NEXT Creatively Fit Coaching Online Training–inspiring the Artist Within others, beginning January 30th, 2014.


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Whitney will be teaching around the country in 2013  Go to the ART CLASSES page for more details.

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“My Inner Buddha was coaxed out during Whitney’s workshop, which she launched by inviting each of us to access that sacred place in our right brain. For two days, I felt connected, serene, creative, and filled with love. My Buddha painting is now my everyday reminder to invite and connect to that higher energy – and create more! Thank you, Whitney for your genuine passion, which fuels this change in our energy. You’re making a difference in my life, and in the lives of many others. (When’s the next one?!?!)”  ~Lisa Chapman

I decided to the do the Creatively Fit Marathon because I was finding myself unmotivated to paint.  I’d stare at the blank canvas and not know where to start.  I had self defeating thoughts like maybe I’ve painted  it all out and there’s nothing left in me to paint.  I wanted something to get me disciplined and hopefully excited about art again. Now I’m on Mile #12 and I can’t tell you how excited I am about painting, my life, my creativity, my world, etc….  This has really gotten my energy flowing.  When I’m painting I’m working out all my problems of the day…but the beauty is that I’m not thinking and analyzing…I just paint and end up at a better place.   I’m really amazed at how energized and excited I feel about everything …. who knew just using that other side of my brain could make such a difference.  ~Tammy Roth

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